Mastering for Such Small Hands

I was delighted to have been asked to master Carousel, the debut album from Such Small Hands. Who just so happens to be my little sister, Melanie, but that doesn’t make me any less honoured to have my name in black and white (literally) on the album sleeve. I may have mixed and mastered a few tracks for her previously (Ghost, Anything But Nothing) but being involved in her official album release has been an inspiring experience and I am thrilled that the CDs have now landed safely through people’s letterboxes and tracks are being streamed in all their hauntingly melancholic glory across the world wide musical web.

If, for some reason, you still haven’t managed to listen to Carousel then don’t delay any further. You can find it in all the digital places and you can even buy the CD with some of your hard earned English (or otherwise) pennies. Such Small Hands will gain another fan, I’ll get a tiny royalty and everybody will be happy.

Especially you.