I am an audio engineer, songwriter, music producer and classically-trained vocalist based in Warwickshire, UK.

At the moment I am in the process of writing and producing some new songs, as well as working collaboratively on productions with other artists. In between tinkering with my own creations I am available for a range of sound engineering support, so if there is anything you need help with please feel free to get in touch.


I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2009 with a First Class BSc (Hons) Music Technology degree, following on from a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology, A Level Music and sitting the ABRSM Music Theory papers up to Grade V. (Oh, and A Level Physics, Maths & Further Maths, but not a lot of quantum mechanics goes on these days .. )

More recently, in September 2022 I completed a Master’s degree (MA) in Songwriting at Bath Spa University which has helped me to bring some focus back to my own material and spend a lot more time doing what I love again.

During my college studies I wrote and produced my debut demo EP, which was finished in 2006 just before starting university. I had (and still have) vocal coaching from Sophia Grech and got as far as the ABRSM Grade VI qualification in 2008, before life started to take a different path. I intend to (somewhat belatedly) finish the ABRSM Grade VIII exams, their vocal performance diploma and then their vocal teaching diploma during 2023.

My professional audio experience includes working as a live sound engineer at various events and festivals, as well as a studio supervisor and stage manager. I was also a sound engineer for three years with UHSU, supporting a range of live gigs and club nights.

These days I work as a freelance digital media consultant alongside my music projects and I’m regularly editing, producing and optimising video content, including recording and mixing voiceover work, along with web design, business development and online marketing support.

The physicist in me has a keen interest in acoustics, loudspeaker/microphone technology and audio engineering. As such, I take pride in my very meticulous editing skills – studying waveforms and optimising the signal for the best possible output for production – before my creative side then takes over to (hopefully!) deliver a great sounding track for you, or indeed a nice song of my own.