• “Watch this space”

    “Watch this space”

    It’s been a while for all sorts of reasons, but now I am busy setting up shop behind the scenes and getting ready for some new releases. As part of the process one of my very, very old songs from way back when is now on Spotify, as well as Amazon and iTunes etc, but…

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  • Limited edition mastering

    Limited edition mastering

    Such Small Hands has created a “stripped and raw version” of her breathtaking debut album, Carousel, which is available to pre-order on Bandcamp as a very limited edition CD, each hand-numbered with a unique hand-painted sleeve. Alternatively, if you are not one of the speedy first 150 fans to secure a disc, or if CDs…

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  • Mastering for Such Small Hands

    Mastering for Such Small Hands

    I was delighted to have been asked to master Carousel, the debut album from Such Small Hands. Who just so happens to be my little sister, Melanie, but that doesn’t make me any less honoured to have my name in black and white (literally) on the album sleeve. I may have mixed and mastered a…

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  • I’ll go around and around if it makes you happy

    I’ll go around and around if it makes you happy

    Carousel, the title track and second single from the imminent debut album from Such Small Hands, has been released today for your listening pleasure. I love the synthpop vibe on this track as it begins before hitting you hard with its heavy and distorted guitars, and, of course, the usual distinctively beautiful vocals laid over…

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  • Do I Belong Here?

    Do I Belong Here?

    The first single from the upcoming Such Small Hands album has been released exclusively on Bandcamp, where you can stream or download the song in all its beautiful entirety for free. Do I Belong Here? is one of my favourite tracks from the record. As with the rest of the album, it is her signature…

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  • Carousel


    Such Small Hands has announced the release date of her debut album, Carousel, which will be available to stream & download from a digital music outlet near you on 18th September 2020. If, like me, you are an old-school type who still prefers to collect music on a physical disc-shaped playback format then you can…

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  • Anything But Nothing

    Anything But Nothing

    I am once again very pleased to have assisted Such Small Hands with a mix for another release, which is a fab little demo born out lockdown. This gives us all a sneaky taste of what is to come with her new album, which has sadly been delayed until later this year for obvious reasons.…

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  • Ghost


    I recently had the pleasure of mixing this track for my sister, also known as Such Small Hands. It’s beautiful, go listen. Rumour has it there’ll be several others very soon so keep your ears out.

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